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In an environment teeming with degree programme offers from the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the USA, the University of London (UOL) programmes offered at the HELP Academy stand out for world-class quality and reputation.
Established in 1836, the University of London is renowned for its role in enabling people in the UK and worldwide to acquire a degree through self-study. It has graduated over 100,000 UOL alumni all over the world, including Nobel Prize winners, presidents, prime ministers, government ministers and renowned academicians. Currently, over 52,000 students in more than 180 countries (including Antarctica) are registered with the UOL as students.

UOL graduates are the first choice of discerning employers who value the pedigree of the qualification. Adding to its renown in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences (EMFSS) is the fact that the academic direction for these degree programmes is provided by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) whose lecturers are responsible for creating the course content and setting and grading the exams. Graduates’ degree certificates carry the same name and stamp of both the University of London and the London School of Economics and Political Science as those conferred on students studying and graduating in the UK.

HELP University pioneered full-time teaching support to prepare students for the UOL exams over 30 years ago. This practice has since been widely adopted all over the world, but HELP has maintained the lead in coaching UOL students to obtain world-topping results (in terms of the number of First Class Honours degrees and the world’s highest scores in individual subjects) by adherence to high standards of teaching and academic practice.

HELP offers four UOL degree pathways: Accounting and Finance, Banking and Finance, Economics and Management, and Economics. The LSE provides full support to students in the form of academic study guides and access to its virtual learning environment. Past year examination papers and examiners’ reports are available to guide students in their studies.

“In this unique programme, you study in KL but graduate from the University of London. You can actually travel to London to receive your degree scroll at the convocation. The programme is rigorous and challenging, but the supportive ecosystem helps the students to do well. In recent years our students have attained so many First Class Honours degrees that the University wrote to praise us in glowing terms”, said Baldev Sidhu, head of the Department of University of London Programmes at HELP.

“We don’t usually blow our trumpet, but our graduates find themselves working for the movers and shakers of the corporate world. They also go on to other prestigious universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Chicago, LSE, SOAS and Wharton for postgraduate studies”, added Baldev.

A notable alumnus achiever in this mould is Dr Chew Seen Meng, who transferred from HELP to the London School of Economics on an LSE external scholarship and completed his degree with first class honours.

Dr Chew is now Associate Professor of Practice in Finance and Associate Dean for External Engagement at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School. Dr Chew brings to this position a wealth of experience that includes the positions of Vice President at JP Morgan in HK, economist at the Singapore offices of the IMF and Morgan Stanley, and consultant at NERA Economic Consulting (Chicago).

Dr Chew obtained his PhD in economics from the University of Chicago where one of his thesis advisors was Gary Becker, the Nobel Laureate in economics.

Another HELP alumnus who distinguished himself in UK academia is Dr Soo Kwok Tong who, after securing his UOL degree in economics with first class honours at HELP, was awarded scholarships to complete his MSc and PhD at the LSE.

Dr Soo is now a senior lecturer at the Lancaster University Management School, UK. He was awarded the Sir Alex Cairncross Prize for best paper by a young economist at the Scottish Economic Society Annual Conference. He is widely published in the academic and professional journals in his field.

To echo a recent UOL graduate, Mandeep Singh: “UOL provides the best of both worlds: you get a world class education while being able to learn from the comfort of your home.

“There were extensive discussions on current affairs, and my existing preconceptions were constantly challenged and polished. Now that I am working, I realise that staying relevant is pivotal and simultaneously more demanding as the world around me is changing rapidly.

“This is a strength that is nurtured in a globally aware programme like UOL. The topics and ideas motivated me to further reading across a wide range of sources. UOL studies nurtured in me a taste for reading. And the need to fulfil deadlines taught me the importance of discipline, tenacity and resourcefulness.

“In view of the high regard in which the UOL programmes are held worldwide, it is indeed gratifying for me to have graduated with a First Class Honours degree.”

Mandeep was also able to channel his passions into student and community activism. He shared his love for serious reading with fellow students by mounting a regular book display at the counter of the department’s office.

To engage the student and the Damansara Heights community in socio-political and cultural issues, Mandeep took the lead to organise a series of talks held in the pleasing ambience of a local popular café.

In summing up the allure of the UOL degree, Baldev said:

“The rewards of this challenging programme are great: graduates have received the

Nobel Prize and many others occupy leading roles in government, management, economics, business, technology, law, education and diplomacy”.

Next intake: 17 May 2021


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Mandeep Singh graduated with First Class Honours from the University of London programme at HELP. An active student leader, his series of talks on environmental, economic and cultural issues created a buzz in the HELP and Damansara Heights community in KL. He works in strategic communications in the Employees Provident Fund.

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