Always A-Level above the rest: Continued Further Success for 2021 Impressive A-Levels Results


By Lim Vin Tsen & Norzaireen Binti Shamsul

Despite the global pandemic challenges faced by our A-Levels students this year, the recent A-level results confirm the quality of delivery of the Pearson Edexcel and Cambridge A-level programmes at HELP. Overall, all 101 HELP Academy A-level students achieved 100% passes for January and June 2021 Edexcel IAL papers.

HELP’s A-level programme is widely accepted as among the best preparation for university study in the region and internationally. This has been achieved by a consistent adherence to the same high standard of teaching and mentorship that has made HELP’s reputation as the leader in higher education provision.

Strong academic leadership is the reason behind this success, and the staff will continue to provide their quality teaching and support to students and leave no one behind. The programme has gained attraction to local and international students including students from Korea, India, Bangladesh and many more.

In this article, we talked to six local A-Levels students and two successful Korean students: Fong Yong Bing, Zane Sanjay Morris, Tan Tian Herng, Sharlene Chin, Azlisam Tsai Kok Tiong, Wong Xio Ying, Choi Ha Ly and So Minseob (Simon).

Fong Yong Bing successfully obtained A*s for all his subjects in Maths, Further Maths, Chemisty and Physics. He will continue his educational journey at the London School of Economics in early September this year, majoring in Actuarial Science.

“ I chose this course as I’m intrigue with the application of statistical knowledge to solve mathematical issues that can be present in the company.”

As for his time spent at HELP Academy, Yong Bing said that the lecturers are all well experienced, and they always provide useful feedback to assist us while we encounter challenging questions. In addition, we were able to participate in different ‘Getting the Edge’ programmes every week which helped to build up teamwork and leadership skills among students.

To his A-Levels juniors, his advice to them would to always take the notes provded by the lecturers and to pay attention during. And remember to enjoy your time with your friends at HELP Academy as well.

Zane’s decision to leave his former international school for HELP Academy proved to be the right decision. Not only did he score 4 A*s in Mathematics, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics, but his grades as well his personal statements helped secured his unconditional offer to the London School of Economics to study Actuarial Science.

“I chose this course because mathematics is my favourite subject, and my course heavily involves mathematics, statistics and finance.”

In terms of his advice for students joining HELP, Zane advises them to always attend their lecturers and participate in them as actively as possible. Be consistent in what you do and in the end, you too will reap your rewards.

Tian Herng scored A*s in all his chosen subjects, earning him a spot to Boston University, USA, for the next four years. He plans to major in Computer Science with a minor in Philosophy and aims to become an AI researcher and becoming one of the first individual to make Artifical General Intelligence a possibility. He credits his time studying A-Levels at HELP Academy for not only providing him with the knowledge to be an achiever but to also think critically and creatively as well.

“ Critical and creative thinking are skills that are very important in this modern world. And I assure you, if you take your classes at HELP Academy seriously, you will surely learn these skills that will help you a lot later in your life.” said Tian Herng.

Sharlene Chin successfully earned three stars, one A with A* in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Chemistry and an A in Economics. For her post A-Levels journey, she plans to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Data Science at the London School of Economics and Political Science in September 2021.

“The reason why I venture in Data Science was because of my experience in ROCHE IT HACKATHON,which my friends and I, my HELP friends joined together and it has been a month. Winning the Hikeathon at second place, really openned my eyes at how data can be applied to major world and economic problems because our winning for the Hack was cancer patients prognosis which provides doctors predictive insights using self-prognosis data.” said Miss Chin.

Sharlene’s credits her decision to study the Edexcel International A-Levels because of the flexibility offered and this had allowed her to participate in-and-out of classroom activities, whcich really helped in her university application.

Azlisam Tsai Kok Tiong, another A-Levels Achiever will be heading to the University of Bristol to major in Accounting and Finance,after earning 4 A’s in Biology, Physics and Maths.

He chose to study in the University of Bristol because of its interesting combination of the mandatory and optional co-curriculum layout, besdies that, they also offer first-class facilities such as the Bloomberg Room. To all his juniors in A-Levels, Kok Tiong advises them to start early if they can and be persistent about it because when you have done a lot of past year’s papers, you will start to realize that there are questions that are repeating,

Xio Ying gained 3 A*S and 1 A and wll be studying at LSE, studying Actuarial Science in September. She was awarded the Distinction Award by HELP due to her exemplary SPM results and advises her fellow A-Levels juniors to not be afraid to ask questions and to always take advantage of the time they have with their lecturerers and at HELP Academy.

So Minseob, also an achiever who achieved 3A*s and 1A, said, “HELP Academy introduced me to many amazing teachers who really cared for their students. They were available to answer my questions at almost any time of the day. And due to the recent pandemic, the students were forced to study remotely at home. It was challenging for me to adapt to this new mode of learning at first, but I think HELP has done a good job in responding to the new situation quickly and effectively which really helped me to keep the pace with my studies.”

Choi Ha Ly successfully obtained A*s in Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Accounting. According to her, “Taking up A-Levels on its own is quite credible because a lot of universities accept A-Levels in Korea without any additional qualifications such as AP or SAT. So, I think that saves up a lot of time as well as allowing me to apply to any universities that I want.”

As Ha Ly just completed her A-Levels, she is currently still in Malaysia and is in the midst of applying to universities and probably intends to find a part time job in Korea. Whereas Minseob is already in a 14-day quarantine in Hong Kong as he got admitted into the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology aiming to major in Biotechnology.

HELP’s A-Levels is especially strong in Maths and the Physical and Life Sciences. It has a consistent record of successfully preparing students to enter top universities like Cambridge, Imperial College London, King’s College London, Australian National University, University of Queensland and Princeton for courses like Actuarial Science, Engineering, Economics, Medicine, Natural Sciences and Biological Sciences.

HELP Academy is the first centre in the country to conduct both Edexcel International Advanced Level and Cambridge International A-Levels. The school offers the ‘Getting The Edge’ (GTE) programme to cultivate leadership and organisational skills among students.

The A-levels department has won widespread praise and recognition for its achievements. At the Edexcel World Conference in Hong Kong in 2011, it was declared the Best A-Level Centre in the World.

The department consistently receives Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards for the highest marks attained by its students in specific A-level subjects in Malaysia and internationally. To date, it has received 101 of these awards. Perhaps the strongest testimony of quality has come from Cambridge University itself.

The next intake for the HELP A-Levels is September 2021.

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