A Value for Money 3+0 UK Degree Programme from Derby


The University of Derby (UOD) 3+0 programme offered by the Department of Management Studies (DOMS) at the HELP Academy is a value proposition that many students aiming for an internationally recognised business degree from the UK find hard to resist.

The programmes offered are the BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, BA (Hons) Business Management and the BA (Hons) Business Management (International Business).

These are supplemented by three diploma programmes and one certificate programme that provide a pathway for school leavers to enter the degree programmes. These are the Diploma in Accounting, Diploma in Business Management and Diploma in Marketing, and the Certificate in Business Management.

The University of Derby is a modern and innovative public university with a 170-year history. It grew from the Derby College of Art and Technology and is ranked among the top 30 UK universities by the Guardian University Guide 2020.

Its other impressive credentials include being ranked among the top 10 UK universities for Business, Management and Marketing honours degree courses, and among the top 10 for Accounting and Finance honours courses (Guardian University Guide 2020).

The BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance course gives students a sound knowledge of accounting and business that enables them to assume management positions in industry or qualify as a professional accountant. Students selecting the relevant module pathway will be given maximum exemptions by the ACCA to qualify for professional membership to accelerate their careers. Graduates of this programme have gone on to excel in local practice, multinational accounting firms, merchant banks and other major financial institutions and businesses.

The BA (Hons) Business Management involves combining elements from diverse subjects (eg Management Principles, Managing Financial Resources, Business Economics, Understanding People in Organisations) and applying them in scenarios like setting up a business, identifying a target market, mounting an advertising campaign, and preparing business plans and cash flows. This kind of experience and practical application of knowledge make this a unique course to prepare graduates for a successful management career.

The BA (Hons) Business Management (International Business) focuses on the way businesses work across the world and provides a solid foundation to those intent on a career in a multinational or an international business. Comprehensive aspects of international business are examined, from the factors that drive firms to become international to the challenges of managing people and supply chains across the world. Graduates will be highly employable in sectors like international trade, transport and logistics corporations, financial institutions involved with trade and investment, firms engaged with business process outsourcing, government agencies involved in international trade and international business consultancy.

For admission into these three attractive degrees, DOMS offers three diploma courses: Diploma in Accounting, Diploma in Business Management and Diploma in Marketing. The entry requirements are 3 credits in any subject for SPM (or equivalent) and B6 for UEC; except for the Diploma in Accounting, which must include Maths.

Admission to the Certificate in Business Management only requires 1 credit in any subject in SPM (or equivalent) or B6 for UEC. This gives a significant advantage, as students can subsequently proceed to any of the above diploma course and complete a UOD degree in four and a half years.

The UOD Business Management and International Business degrees are accredited by the Chartered Management institute (CMI, UK) which is dedicated to nurturing management and leadership skills in professionals. Students registered in these two programmes at DOMS receive an added bonus: they are given Affiliate Membership of CMI during their studies, and on completion they receive a Diploma in Management and Leadership from the CMI.

The Diploma in Management and Leadership (a CMI Level 5 qualification) is a comprehensive course designed to provide candidates all the skills and knowledge required of a senior manager; it normally takes 18 months to complete.

One big attraction of the UOD degrees at DOMS is the 10-day trip to the University of Derby campus in the UK provided by HELP as an essential part of the programme. Students literally become part of the student body, participating in academic activities like lectures and seminars led by the UOD academic faculty; they meet and network with Derby students and faculty members, and visit the university’s industry partners like Rolls Royce. They also receive a warm welcome from the Mayor of Derby city.

At leisure time, they visit London and other cities to shop and to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of England. The more enterprising and adventurous students organise side trips to parts of the UK and to European cities both before and after the study trip. This is an irresistible value proposition as their airfare is covered by the trip.

Students testify to the value of the UOD programme with great enthusiasm.

Raja Nur Syazwina (BA Hons Business Management with First Class Honours) commented: “The UoD experience was memorable. The course structure provides a smooth transition from a micro to an in-depth understanding of the modules. I became more knowledgeable through the group tutorials/assignments which also allowed me to be a better team player at work. One highlight is the mandatory industrial training which greatly enhanced my learning capabilities and analytical skills that ultimately led to my First Class Honours result”.

Raja Nur Syazwina’s credentials helped her secure a job as Investment Analyst at Amara Investment Management.

Kelly Yap Pye Venn (BA Hons Accounting and Finance) admitted: “I like calculations and numbers, thus my interest in accounting and finance. It also opened doors to the corporate world. The free trip to the Derby campus in the UK was important for me; it was not just a vacation but also an exposure to the university, particularly the culture and the environment. This programme and the international study trip gave me many memorable experiences; it also reminds me there are many challenges out there for me to overcome, using the knowledge I have gained.”

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