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University of London achievers (left to right): Mandeep Singh, Vincent Wong Zhong Guan, Mr. Baldev Sidhu (Head of Department) Samuel Woo, Dr Goh Seng (Associate Prof). Front row: Yee Pei Shan, Seer Qiu Zhi & Lee Hui Tian


HELP Academy’s University of London Programme department recently had reason again to celebrate the rare feat of eight students obtaining 1st Class honours. By speaking to the graduates, it was possible to get a glimpse of their attitudes, dedication and sheer hard work

HELP Academy’s University of London Achievers:

Mandeep Singh, secured a 1st Class(Hons) in BSc Accounting & Finance. He had also secured the Academic Excellence Award by the University of London for being one of the top scorers in the world for the year 2017/1028.
‘Since our degree is very related to the UK and the wider world, Mandeep said, we are constantly being encouraged to have a very global outlook as we are immersing into current global and political trends when it comes to being able to complete our course. So, I guess that would be the most important outlook that I got from this degree.”
Samuel Woo got his 1st for BSc Banking & Finance. ‘This University of London degree is a prestigious degree, said Samuel. ‘It’s a lot harder than most Malaysian degrees and I think one very important component for a student to get the most out of this programme is actually to come in with a willingness to learn, to want to develop a world view; to want to be a better person and to want to be a knowledgeable person in current affairs. And only then are they able to extract the true benefits of a University of London degree’.

Vincent Wong, a 1st in BSc Economics, believes that the degree trains you in a wide range of quantitative abilities because the syllabus itself goes the extra mile. In this area, its far superior to other similar programmes in the market.

Yee Pei Shan, Lee Hui Tian and Seer Qui Zhi chose the popular BSc Accounting & Finance degree. They believe the degree stretched them as it was demanding and called for focus and hard work.

A view shared by all the achievers is that they had lecturers who could deliver a world class programme where the academic direction is from the London School of Economics. The department, the first in the world to offer these courses, had the support system and experience to take them to the finishing line. It is widely known that a degree from the University of London is a mark of excellence and quality. Its respected by employers worldwide, global institutions and prestigious universities for transfer and postgraduate studies. The department offers degrees in Accounting & Finance, Economics, Banking & Finance and Economics & Management. Intakes are in March, May and September.

For more info, visit academy.help.edu.my 

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