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HELP University celebrated its batch of graduating students during its 30th Convocation this past April. With another year of success and academic excellence, the President’s Award was presented to HELP graduates with the most outstanding academic achievements at the departmental level. Among the ten graduates who were honoured with the prestigious award at this year’s ceremony is Hiew Kar Yee, a First Class Honours graduate with a Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations.

Hailed from Tawau, Sabah, Hiew followed her sister’s footsteps and decided to pursue her degree at HELP University. Her decision to enroll in the Faculty of Communication’s Public Relation programme was easy as she describes herself as a people person with an outgoing personality and is confident that communications is the right fit for her.

“My personal growth actually really helped me a lot in my career now, because, in my current work as a Community Manager, I deal with people every day. I will need to talk to people from different backgrounds, and that is when HELP refined my skills better,” said Hiew.

“I definitely think that the best parts of HELP are the lecturers and the people here. The lecturers from the Communication Department, they don’t spoon-feed us. They teach us as facilitators and make our lectures more interesting through storytelling and discussions.”

The Faculty of Communication staff and lecturers were all chosen based on their academic performance as well as working experiences. By having industry experts lead and facilitate classes, students will be able to tap into their knowledge of the industry allowing them to be successful in the various fields including video production, radio, journalism, social media, advertising, and public relations.

This ensures that students gain professional growth and personal enrichment. The faculty continuously evaluates and updates its courses so that they stay current and relevant to the evolving professional and personal needs of the students, and fulfils the expectations of the industry.

Students from the Faculty of Communication at HELP will also be able to participate in the many clubs and societies within the faculty that could develop and apply the skills and knowledge they learn through their classes. Among them are the BComm Voice Student Council, Radio Club, the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia Student Association (IPRMSA) at HELP and the Creative Productions Society. These associations and organisations help students build their skills in their preferred field and provides them with an opportunity to foster good relationships with peers and industry professionals.

“It’s been amazing studying at HELP because it was the place where I got to meet a bunch of good friends. All my lecturers have been so helpful. Even until this day, I still remember what they have said and the stories they have told. And the activities and experiences that I’ve gone through really build me to be a better person,” added Hiew.

The Faculty of Communication at HELP University aims to provide in its students an understanding of the practices of mass communication. With the rise of new media, the faculty is at the forefront of equipping its students with the relevant skills and teaching about digital technologies that evolve in a culture of innovation and communication technology.

The HELP Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Degree programmes in Marketing Communication, Media Studies and Public Relations, offer students a three-year honours programme that emphasises the practical applications in a contemporary communication setting. Its syllabus provides sufficient subjects in the specialisation and assures prospective employers that the students are prepared to fit into their future careers.

The Faculty of Communication also offers a Diploma in Communication where students are taught the basic foundations in critical thinking and creativity. Students will be able to explore a wide career scope through multiple communication disciplines such as journalism, filmmaking, design, public relations and marketing communication. Upon completion of the diploma programme, a pathway to HELP’s Bachelor of Communication (Hons) programmes are available to students, thereby shortening the duration of the student’s bachelor studies.

These programmes will prepare students through specialised course subjects related to their field of study, allowing them to build a balanced portfolio of communication theory, research and practice. Students will also be taught and led by lecturers and guest speakers, who are industry experts themselves, in an environment where they can learn theories and strategies beyond the classroom.

For more information on HELP University’s Diploma and Bachelor of Communication programmes, contact 03-2716 2000 to speak to a counselor or visit to learn more.

Hiew Kar Yee graduated from HELP University with a Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in Public Relations and was selected as a President’s Award recipient at HELP’s 30thConvocation this year.

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