Department of American Degree Program

The HELP-Trine 4+0 Program

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 4+ 0 in collaboration with Trine University is your ticket to a practical approach in preparation for today’s dynamic business world. Trine University’s Ketner School of Business offers a hands-on program that develops managerial abilities, communication skills and decision-making through contemporary case studies and networking opportunities with business leaders. The flexibility of the program gives you the option to major in either International Business, Finance or Marketing.

The International Business major guides you to be an entrepreneur in a global business setting where you will understand cross-border transactions of goods and services by acquiring the relevant knowledge and skills to develop strategies, resources and activities for cross-border operations that drive a business globally.

While the Finance major guides you to be the decision maker at the heart of the business and you will understand the financial processes that drive a business’s ability to grow and expand.

Alternatively, a student pursuing the Marketing major will graduate with a solid theoretical and practical understanding of the marketing concepts driving today’s most successful companies. They are involved in developing new products, creating advertising that informs and moves consumers, or managing data collected using the internet.

Programme Learning Outcomes

  • Interpret and evaluate theories and concepts in business
  • Express creative and innovative ideas effectively
  • Utilise critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Apply creative and innovative entrepreneurial skills
  • Demonstrate leadership, communication and collaborative teamwork in accordance with ethical and legal practices
  • Apply and integrate lifelong learning practices and skills in their career development

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