University of London Programmes, BSc (Hons) Accounting & Finance


HELP Damansara

Level of Study



3 Years 


March, May, and Sept

Course Code

KPT/JPS (A8186) 08/12


  • The degree provides students with a comprehensive grounding in accounting and finance within a solid framework of social science.
  • The programme conveys an international perspective and reflects the efforts and contributions from academics and professionals in the UK and Asia-Pacific.
  • The subject guides provided for students are compiled by academics and researchers who are reputable and globally known in the field of professional accountancy and financial markets.
  • The degree allows students exemption of up to two full units including Principles of Accounting and one non-specified unit if they are qualified in accountancy.
  • Students graduating from 2008 on wards and who have passed the Foundation and Further units required by this degree or the BSc Banking & Finance are allowed by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) to claim exemption from certain ACCA modules.
  • The degree qualifies students to sit for the prestigious ICPAS Professional Examination organized by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore (ICPAS).

For more information on entry requirements, programme pathways, subjects listing and to get to know the faculty, please download our brochure.

Applicants must have one of the following Entry requirements:

  • STPM
    2 passes (excluding General Paper)
  • A-level
    2 passes
  • ATAR
    80 or above score
  • CPU
    6 passes (at leasr 70% is achieved in each of those subjects )
  • HELP Foundation in Arts
    (pass any 4 of the following subjects: Calculus, Accounting, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Finance, Economics Principles, Business Principles, Marketing Principles)
  • HELP Foundation in Science
  • University of London International Foundation Programme
  • Foundation Programme from other institutions
    fully accredited by MQA
  • HELP Diploma in Business
  • Diploma from other institutions
    fully accredited by MQA


  • UEC
    5 B’s inclusive of English & Maths
  • SPM
    3 credits (non overlapping) inclusive of English and Maths


  • UEC
    8 B’s inclusive of English & Maths
    6.0 or above


  • Senior High Examinations in the country of origin
    Minimum grade level of 70% in each of the 5 best subjects


  • Education in the country of origin
    Attended at least 12 years
  • Age
    19 years in age or above at the time of enrolment


  • HELP’s Foundation Programme
    3 passes (Advanced English, Calculus and Critical Thinking Skills)

RM 50,000

  • EC1002* Introduction to Economics
  • ST104A Statistics 1 (half course)
  • MT105A Mathematics 1 (half course)
  • AC1025 Principles of Accounting


  • ST104B Statistics 2 (half course)
  • MT105B Mathematics 2 (half course)
  • MN1178 Business & Management in a Global Context

* Must be taken with or after ST104A & MT105A

  • FN1024 Principles of Banking & Finance
  • AC2091 Financial ReportingPre-requisite : AC1025
  • AC3059 Financial Management OR Pre-requisite : AC1025
  • FN2190 Asset Pricing & Financial MarketsPre-requisite : EC1002 + MT105A / MT105B
  • AC2097 Management Accounting
    Pre-requisite : AC1025

  • EC2066 MicroeconomicsPre-requisite : EC1002 + MT105A
  • AC3093 Auditing & AssuarancePre-requisite : AC1025
  • AC3193 Accounting TheoryPre-requisite : AC2091 + AC2097


  • FN2029 Financial IntermediationPre-requisite : FN1024
  • FN3032** Investment ManagementPre-requisite : FN1024
  • EC2020 Elements of EconometricsPre-requisite : EC1002 + ST104A & ST104B + MT105A & MT105B
  • MT2076 Management MathematicsPre-requisite : ST104A + MT105A
  • MT3095 Further Mathematics for EconomistsPre-requisite : MT105A + MT105B
  • MN2032 Management Science MethodsPre-requisite : ST104A + MT105A
  • MN2177 Core Management ConceptsPre-requisite : MN1178
  • MN3127 Organizational Theory: An Interdisciplinary ApproachPre-requisite : MN1178

** Must be taken with or after FN2190 or FN3092

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